Bohemian Dreamin

Goddess Mucha Girl Necklace


  Romantic Art Nouveau Woman gazes out, lost in her own private daydream. This special stamped piece recreates the artists vision. Alfonse Mucha, a true Bohemian, how I do love thee! His passion for beauty and art are unrivaled. Here, I have dangled her by a few blue crystals and then white a quatrafoil piece, the necklace is strung on more of these beautiful blue crystals. See that lovely blue color of this pretty glass crystal! It is a special piece!

It is finished on one end with a sweet coin detail, and a nice large size clasp on the other. You will love wearing this sexy necklace! 

Silver plated pendant and link chain

Glass Crystal Rondelle Chain

31" chain length plus 1.5" pendant and 2 more beads with quatrafoil


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