Bohemian Dreamin

High Priestess Tarot Card Earrings


The High Priestess Tarot Card Earrings have a Mystical Beauty to them. On the earrings, The High Priestess wears a robe with a cross on her chest as a symbol of her divine knowledge and her status as a divine ruler. In her lap, she holds a scroll that is partly covered, signifying that this sacred knowledge will only be revealed when we are willing to look beyond the physical world.
I love the crescent moon lying at her feet, which shows her connection with the divine feminine, intuition, and her connection to the cycles of the moon.
I placed a Genuine Moonstone above her, which flashes a mystic blue depth.

These earnings are of stainless steel with the picture etched onto them. I hang them on silver overlay hooks for comfortable wearing.

These come in a Black Velvet drawstring bag for safe keeping, and also perfect for gifting.

Silver Overlay hooks
Genuine Blue Chalcedony
Stainless Steel charms

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