Bohemian Dreamin

Steampunk Heart Lock Necklace


Romantic Heart Lock is the centerpiece for this Fantasy Steampunk Necklace. This special Heart even opens up to reveal something secret to you!  This fun necklaces creates a passion for the Steampunk Style!  There are 4 differently styled keys, 2 lockets that open, and 2 Victorian Hands holding Vintage Crystals. I have dangled a few more Vintage Sapphire Blue Crystals to add some drama! 
It is finished on one end with a sweet locket detail, and a nice clasp on the other. You will love wearing this Sexy Steamy Punky Necklace! 

  Another Bohemian Dreamin Original ❤

Shown with our Double Watchpiece 


Vintage Crystals

18" chain length


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