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 Bohemian Dreamin Jewelry
                  Thank you so much for visiting us at Bohemian Dreamin! We are located in beautiful So Cal San Diego.

  We search the world to find the most beautiful  Bohemian Jewelry, as well as hand making unique one of a kind pieces here in our studio. 

  We believe that living a Bohemian Lifestyle, includes the outside of us as well as the inside!  It's that spirit, creativity, and a love of expression that embodies the Bohemian Way for us. We love the way Jewelry makes us feel and how it expresses our various moods and styles.

 What type of Bohemian are you? Do you love a Flowy, Romantic Skirt with Gemstone Earrings and a ring on every finger? Maybe, you are a bit of a Gypsy Bohemian! Or, are you a bit more refined? Do you like wearing one large Silver Ring that compliments a tailored blouse with well fit pants, and you top it off with a pair of Geometric Earrings? Then, perhaps Boho Chic is more your thing. But then, there is also those Boho Styles with a fun Cowgirl Edge, or maybe you dig being a little Goth now and then!

  However your Boho Vibe is, we get you! The main thing is, to express yourself!

  We hand pick our pieces from all over the world to bring you the best, most authentic Boho Jewelry Collections. We import our gorgeous pieces from places like Afghanistan, Nepal, India, and Turkey. We look for the highest quality pieces that have sturdy chains and are well made for you to enjoy a long time, at a great price!  Most of our jewelry pieces are made from a very nice quality pewter or copper metal overlaid in sterling silver, we specify metals in our descriptions. Most of our pieces have genuine stones, if not we call it a "bead." 

  Our exclusive handmade collections are made right here in our studio in San Diego. We pewter solder many pieces by hand, and create simple to elaborate designs in jewelry. The owner, Jill is a very creative designer with a background in Jewelry Making, Interior Design, and Fashion Design. 

  We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of beautiful pieces, and check back here often, or sign up for our emails because- for we are always adding fresh new ideas and jewelry pieces!

  Thank you for shopping with us, if you have any questions or comments, we always love to hear from you!

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