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Athena Owl Necklace with Coins

Athena Owl Necklace with Coins

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Sweet Owl of Athena is a reproduction of the original Greek coin. Handmade here in the studio, I add on coins to accent this sturdy silver overlay chain.  Here is more on this old coin:

"ΑΘΕ" is an abbreviation of ΑΘΗΝΑΙΩΝ, which may be translated as "of the Athenians". In daily use the Athenian drachmas were called glaukes (γλαῦκες, owls).

In Greek mythology, a little owl (Athene noctua) traditionally represents or accompanies Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, [1] Because of such association, the bird — often referred to as the "owl of Athena" — has been used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition throughout the Western world.[2][3] ( Wikipedia)


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 Length 20"

 Silver overlay



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