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The High Priestess Tarot Card Necklace

The High Priestess Tarot Card Necklace

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High Priestess Tarot Card Necklace begs us all to look a bit closer!

 What a beautiful etched pendant. The Labradorite Stones has Gray and Blue hues which change colors in the light.
To accent her, I link Antique Triangles to the chain which enhances feel of this special piece.
I chose a lovely piece of magical labradorite to hold her. Labradorite helps in strengthening our intuition, and can aid in promoting psychic abilities.
On the necklace, The High Priestess wears a robe with a cross on her chest as a symbol of her divine knowledge and her status as a divine ruler. In her lap, she holds a scroll that is partly covered, signifying that this sacred knowledge will only be revealed when we are willing to look beyond the physical world.
I love the crescent moon lying at her feet which shows her connection with the divine feminine, intuition, and her connection to the cycles of the moon.
This Beautiful piece hangs on an open link chain that is Turkish Made, smothered with silver overlay. This chain is strong and has a nice weight to it. It is finished with a lovely large hook for easy fastening.
This necklace is so lovely and significant alone, but it layers really well with other necklaces of varying lengths.
Enjoy wearing this High Priestess Tarot Card Necklace!

Comes in a Pretty Black Velvet drawstring bag for safe keeping, and great for gifting.

17" length + extra 1 "extender with Crescent moon charm
Silver Overlay chain
Pendant size is 1.5" diameter

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